Creative designers, artists, photographers, musicians , painters, writers and many more


Ziva studios is a creative space built to encourage upcoming artists, painters ,
actors, musicians , writers, photographers, short film makers and creative souls
bound to soil.

Ziva is born on the cultural land and suburbs of Pune Vishrantwadi. Various artists from different corners of the state have come together to build a freestyle spacewhich can offer peace, energy, artsy environment and motive to portray your art on a big platform. Studio space has around 2000 Sqft area which can be used for workshops, musical sessions, film screenings, photography shoot and boundless creative activities.

Elegant design of the studio with a classy raw touch maintains the perfect balance between modern and contemporary art. Unique and casual seating arrangements will make you feel home .Indoor bright lights will aid you in giving detailing touch to your work. Beautiful amphitheater will help you in showcasing your masterpiece to beloved audience and studio is adaptable to mold in any environment as per need of an artist.

Ideal for indoor product and fashion shoots. It has an ample space for organizing exhibitions and workshops. It has a casual tone set up for classic world cinemas, regional movies and upcoming short film screenings. It always has a cheerful vibe for storytelling sessions, poetry slams and stand-ups. Ziva has a warm heart to welcome all the creative heads from different corner of the globe. We are always keen for collaborations and look forward to present brand new artworks.

If you need our services or if you want to use our creative space or if you want to join us on this artsy ride then drop us a postcard. Whatever thought comes in your mind when you think about Ziva just hit the buttons of the keyboard and let us know your feedback. Consider us like 911 of the art world you can talk to us, write to us anything. We promise that our he-arts will always stay connected.

How Ziva Studio space can help you?


Studio has Light equipment’s, variable backgrounds and 2000 Sqft space for product and fashion shoots. If you are searching space for indoor shoots our studio would be apt preference. Passionate and creative click buddies are always welcome at the studio. Contact us if you want to click in the flashes of Ziva.


Ziva has a huge gallery space to display your art and art crafts. Art needs a bridge to reach its lovers. Let Ziva be that bridge to showcase your art. If you want to host a creative art exhibition then Zivas gallery space is the perfect place to choose.


Ziva has Indoor space as well as Amphitheatre which can be used to organize workshops and seminars. If you are planning to conduct a workshop at Ziva then we promise we will make an offer to you which you can’t refuse.

3D art and VFX

We have a team of creative modelers and VFX artists who are expert in making 3D environment, walk-through, 3D props and 3D models. Along with the realistic modelling skills these artists are also skilled in VFX. If you need help in 3D art for Civil, Gaming, Movie etc. sectors, then don’t hesitate to call us. Let’s explore 3rd dimension of the Art.

Content Creators

We have a team of creative content writers and strategist who are skilled in writing innovative and attractive content. Writers can create content for websites, short films, poetry, blogs, branding, social media and in any sector where you need customized content. Just give us call and content will flow to make you content.

Web Design and Development

Web site acts like your Ace to pull customers and showcase your business. We have a team of spiders who can build a multi featured web and help to become an Ace. A dedicated and innovative web designers are always keen in making unique, feature loaded and user friendly website for you. So if you need a strong, flexible and dynamic web then don’t even wait for a second to reach out to us.


If you are a film maker and want to showcase your film at our studio in front of a film loving crowd then don’t even wait for a second to contact us. We promote short film makers and help their films to reach out to maximum viewers. We have an amphitheater equipped with sound and visual projections. Enjoy movie experience at Ziva and feature your film. Don’t forget to bring Popcorns.


If you need a little distraction from noisy world and need a space to complete your artwork then Ziva studios can be your soothing cave. Get your independent desk in the creative realm and revive your imaginative spirit.


If you know how to pluck the strings and snatch the heart beats then you must perform in our musical shows. If you are a solo artist or have a musical band and need a rocking space to show your talent then Ziva can make a space available for musically. Ring the bell if you want to rock and roll.

Film making

Our film making troop is always excited to make Advertisements, Promotional, Short films, Documentaries, Corporate, Event specific, Walk-throughs, Cinematic videos. Select any genre, any theme we will give you your own film. Let your movie connects to the world. Just make a call and our wild troop will be ready to write and shoot your film.

Storytelling and Poetry Slams:

We host interesting events at our studio. Poets and storytellers are always welcome to present their art in front of the cheerful crowd. You can participate as well as host your own event at our studio. Our studio offers a casual and charming space to exhibit your art. So let the rhymes and rhythm blossoms in our space.


Collab helps to evolve your art, if you a need a space for collaborations then our ample space solves the purpose. You and your collab buddies would be happy to work in a comfortable, calm space away from the noisy world. Reach out to us if you need a space for the creative collaborations