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We play with colors and express ourselves through paintings. We are writers who plays with words dipped in emotions. We click to capture and win the heart. We shoot films to tell a story of a soul. We build a bridge of music by plucking strings and using bricks of beats. We collaborate to create masterpieces and new forms of arts. The world is like a theatre to us where we promote live acts and skits. Yes, we have a rainbow captured in our studio it is nothing but different shades of art, visit our gallery to see it.

Our Office


We are independent artists providing studio space for creative souls. We have a huge creative space
built for artists in the midst peaceful environment of Vishrantwadi Pune. Every artist can get an
independent space to work in a freestyle environment. Just bring your pen, paint brush, musical
instrument and imaginative mind to feel the amazing vibe of Ziva. We promote and preserve talent in
every art form.

Awesome Services

Content Writers

Well content is your best marketing agent these days, it interacts friendly with customers on your website and help business to grow. We got some crazy creative word jugglers skilled in writing interactive content. Their lines will definitely make you content.


Hey are you that filmy Aatma who lives in movie world if yes then we have a large collection of world cinemas .Also, hey short film makers this is shout out for you come and showcase your film.


Our crazy story writers and visionary directors are always eager to create cinematic videos. Ads, promos, short films, corporate, construction, fiction select any genre! Any theme! And we will give you your own film!


If you are looking for a training field to train your troops in your area of expertise. Then we have a space ready to assist you in your mission.


Do you want your art to reach to masses then our elegant gallery space is waiting to fulfil your wish. It is flexible enough to transform in any theme to display variety of art forms.


If you need isolation, peace and your own space to recreate art in its pure form, then we have an exact space with pleasant surroundings to help you focus.


Everyone likes to hear and share stories. Come to hear amazing, inspiring, fictional as well as mysterious chronicles from a live world. You are welcome to join us if you have tales to tell.


Are you looking for a creative Spiderman to design dynamic, connective web for you then we have such spiders with web powers to do the job. Just ask for help and don’t worry, they don’t bite.


Peeps who enjoy rhymes and rhythms must visit our studio. We bring different styles, tones and genres of poetry. If you have a poem in any language, then let it express in our poetry slam.


If you want to refresh your spirit by listening melodies, then we have soulful music wizards to do the job. Any musical wizard can get our space to perform or a chance to jam with others


If you are interested in art fusions, jamming sessions or collaborations then high five to you. Because we believe the best way to evolve your art is to collab.


Hey, our passionate snappers are loaded with their cameras and artsy lenses to take a shot! Just waiting for your orders!

3D Art and VFX

If you are looking for an artist who can put soul , life and reality into the models, then we have artists with sorcerous stones to fulfil your wish. These artists have the expertise in Walk-through, 3D environment, props, models and VFX. Let’s explore 3rd  dimension of the Art.

Ziva studios is a creative space built to encourage upcoming artists, painters , actors, musicians , writers, photographers, short film makers and creative souls bound to soil.

Ziva is born on the cultural land and suburbs of Pune Vishrantwadi. Various artists
from different corners of the state have come together to build a freestyle space
which can offer peace, energy, artsy environment and motive to portray your art
on a big platform. Studio space has around 3000 Sqft area which can be used for
workshops, musical sessions, film screenings, photography shoot and boundless
creative activities.

Our Clients

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